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Why Ruritan Success
Why Ruritan Success

Ruritan is the Club in the rural community and for the rural community. No other clubs existed to bring farmers and town's people together in fellowship and goodwill for the benefit of the rural community. Such was the strength and success of Ruritan. Why the rural community; what was so special about rural communities that brought such great success to Ruritan? The answer lay in the people. The strength of the rural community is the people, and the strength of the rural people is the Church. Rural communities are built around the Church.

The 1950 "History of Ruritan National" written by Kent, Myers, Byrum, better explains the answer. "The ideals of RURITAN are the simple virtues of Christian living on the COMMUNITY level.. .. Ruritan is a divinely inspired program, more effective and more vital than its founders realized, or the mortal efforts of its members, alone, could produce .... RURITAN is Christian ideals worded in 20th century American language to fit the American Way of Country Life and geared to perform worthy service in Rural America today and tomorrow. RURITAN is a tried and proven method, a scientific and divine solution to many civic, social, economic and spiritual problems of the more abundant country life."

Ruritan, and its fellowship and goodwill, was surely arranged by Divine Providence through the "Founding", the "Organizing", the "Building". Any attempt to change or deny this basic foundation of "America's Leading Community Service Organization", will dilute the strength, the effectiveness and the well-being of America's Ruritan Clubs. The success of Ruritan lay in the character and values of rural people, and the character and values of rural people lay in the rural community Church. Such was Ruritan's success.


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