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Ruritan Youth Scholarship

 2020 Holland District Scholarship Application

Deadline to apply for the 2020 Scholarsip is March 27, 2020.  Please submit to:


Ruritan Youth Programs

Ruritan Youth are members under the age of 19 in regular Ruritan clubs. There is no lower limit to the age of a youth member in a regular club. Many entire families belong to Ruritan and the children are considered "Ruritan Youth."

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Ruri-Teen clubs are formed with teen and youth members, up to age 19. These clubs can be located in schools or in the community and may meet 12 months a year or 9 months a year, to coincide with the school year.

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Rudy BearRudy Youth Awards

The Rudy Youth of the Year application and point system are located in the Secretary’s Handbook. Winning applications are forwarded to the next level for competition.

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Ruritan Student Program

In the Ruritan Student Program, many Ruritan clubs select two or more high school students and pay their entire membership (including meals) in the club for one year. The purpose of the Ruritan Student Program is to introduce students of all ages to the Ruritan spirit of Fellowship, Goodwill and Community Service.

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