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Become a Ruritan
Become a Ruritan

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Ruritan National is an organization with membership "by invitation only". That means that anyone who wishes to join one of our existing Ruritan clubs must be invited in by a current Ruritan member.*

If you would like to join Ruritanwe’d love to have you!  We encourage you to use our website to find the Club closest to you so that you may contact the Club's leadership so they might properly invite you to a meeting. Contact us to start this process or for more information.

Current Members

If you are already a Ruritan member and you need the "Invitation to Membership" form so that you might extend an invitation to a prospective member, the Ruritan National office will email you the most up to date form upon request.

Because Ruritan has membership by invitation only - we don't provide a downloadable version of the application on this public website. If you are a member of Ruritan and want to invite in new members contact your local Club or Zone leadership.

If you are a potential member who would like to join Ruritan, you may also use our website to find a club near you whom you can find contact information for a designated member who might invite you to a meeting. 


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