Leadership Development
Leadership Development


A new year 2020 is upon us! Club officers should have been elected and their information entered into MMS by the secretary…entries need to be done by 31 December. All club secretaries should have received a box of officer materials from National to be given to the president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and first year director. If a club has not received their materials, a call to National will expedite receiving them.

All club officers need to read their Ruritan Club and District Officers’ Handbook to become very familiar with their areas of responsibilities…for most questions asked, the answers can be found in the Handbook. Officer training will begin on 23 November at the District Convention in Franklin, VA. Make-up training will be offered at the Winter zone meetings; or can be taken online in MMS; all training must be completed NLT 1 March 2020. It is a National requirement that all officers be trained annually, regardless of the number of years they held their position.

Training for zone and club officers will be different this year in that a combined session for all will be conducted. After the combined training is conducted, District Resource Trainers will be available to answer any unique or specific question in a breakout area. This training will be conducted in the Auditorium at the convention. Clubs’ success depends on their club officers and their leadership…the first step is being trained!

The District has two programs which helps with club growth and keeping all safe. The first is the “Invite A Guest” program which all clubs are to invite at least 10% of their membership beginning 1 January and ending 31 December. At the end of each quarter, the number of guests who attended a business meeting as a perspective member, and of those, the number installed, are to be submitted to me. A phone call, email, or text is all which is needed to submit the numbers. After three quarters, 223 guests have been invited with 45 of those being installed as new members. Your effort has been spectacular! The District membership on 1 January 2019 was 1,778 and our goal for 2019 was to invite 158 guests…the difference in the math is club goal numbers are rounded down. With one more quarter to go, we have exceeded our 2019 goal by 65 guests invited. The reporting has been done by only 18 clubs…so what would the report show if all 52 clubs reported! Clubs meeting or exceeding their 10% goal will be presented a certificate at their respective Winter zone meeting.

The second program is Keep America Safe, “See Something, Say Something!” All clubs are asked when their members are out and about and if they see anything out of the ordinary (person wearing unusual clothing such as a trench coat when it is hot or not raining; person putting a package or item down, and leaving; etc.) a call to 911 to report as much information as possible is appropriate. We have seen time after time after a major terrorist attack, the media and officials say, “If only someone called to report what they saw beforehand.” So we ask all Ruritans to keep America safe, “if you see something, say something!” Let’s keep doing what we Ruritans do…making our communities a better place to live.

Leadership Development Coordinator


Rod J. Mustanski

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