Training and Leader Development:
Training and Leader Development:
Summer 2019 Edition of the Ruritan Eagle

Club’s success stems from good leadership and training. If any of these two components are absent, the club is due to certain failure. Club officers trained this year increased from 62% in 2018 to 63.9%. For award consideration, club officers had to received training by 1 March for National Blue Ribbon and District recognition…a super achievement for those clubs with 100% officers trained: Bethlehem, Chuckatuck, Cypress, Holy Neck, Kings Fork, Liberty Spring, Magnolia, Suffolk, Hunterdale, Newsoms, Greensville Co., Meherrin, Grassfield, Hickory, Knotts Island, Carrollton, Carrsville, Isle of Wight, Possum Hollow, Windsor, Burrowsville, City Point, Prince George, Surry Co., and Waverly. A great job by these clubs ensuring the much needed community service continues in their areas. And it’s still not too late for officers to get training, they can do so on-line through MMS; however, the timeline has expired for any club recognition. It is highly encouraged that all officers read their Ruritan Club and District Officer's Handbook which provides much needed information to perform responsibilities of the position they hold. To continue providing excellent community service in our communities, club growth is a must! When is the last time you ask a friend, family member, or associate to a business meeting to learn what Ruritan is all about? To nurture possible club growth, the District has continued its “Invite A Guest” Program where all clubs are challenged to invite at least 10% of their membership, as of 1 January, to a business meeting as perspective new members. (Example: a club with 44 members has a goal of 4 guests to invite for the year). Numbers of guests invited and those of which were installed are to be reported Quarterly to me by email, phone call or text. Again, only numbers are to be reported. Clubs achieving or exceeding their goal will received a District certificate at their perspective zone winter meeting. Special thanks to our Club Officer trainers who did an outstanding job: Mills March: Presidents and Vice Presidents; George Winslow: Secretaries; Jimmie Copeland and Billy Bell: Treasurers; and Raymond Clark: Club Directors. Their time and untiring efforts were greatly appreciated. We are off to another outstanding year in the Holland District…let us all remember what we Ruritans are all about…”Fellowship, Good Will, and Community Service”. Yours in Ruritan, District Leadership Development Coordinator Rod J. Mustanski

Yours in Ruritan,


Rod J. Mustanski

District Leadership Development Coordinator

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