Adoption Awareness Community Service Project
Adoption Awareness Community Service Project
Summer Leadership Conference

President-Elect Linward Hedgspeth is seeking monetary donations to support the 2019 Community Service Project at the Summer Leadership Conference. Building on First Lady Nelda’s focus on adoption, the attendees will be assembling materials for children involved in programs through DePaul Community Service and Adoption Agency.

There are two types of materials being collected/purchased. For one, children who must be taken out of homes and can’t bring any items with them need emergency supplies. For those children the Ruritan conference attendees will assemble overnight bags with toiletries.

The second type of materials are being assembled for an area “Siblings Camp.” DePaul coordinates this camp for siblings who were placed in different homes, giving these children a chance to see and socializes with their brothers and sisters. With the craft materials collected by Ruritan for this camp, these children will make a keepsake for their sibling to take home to remind them of one another.

If you, your club, district, or zone is interested in making a donation, please send it with this attached form to: Summer Leadership Project, Ruritan National, PO Box 487, Dublin, VA. 24084.

If you have any questions, contact Crystal Andrews at the Ruritan National Office 877-787-8727. 

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